2016-17 Series

The 2016-17 seminar series will meet on four Thursdays across the year and will feature an exciting international and interdisciplinary line up of scholars.

For further information or a copy of the papers once they become available, contact Gary Shaw at gshaw@wesleyan.edu. Here are the dates and current topics. Meetings will be at 45 Wyllys Avenue, (Boger Hall) room 113.

Starting time for all sessions is 4:30.


November 10: Carolyn Dean (Yale University), “The Making of the Secular Witness, 1921 to the Present”

December 8: Jaume Aurell (Universidad de Navarra), “The Historicity of Historical Genres”

February 23: Kathleen Davis (University of Rhode Island), “Periodization, History, and the Force of Law.”

March 9: Willibald Steinmetz (Bielefeld University), “Multiple Transformations: Temporal Frameworks for a European Conceptual History”