2015-16 Series

Wesleyan Seminar on the Theory and Practice of History

Below is the schedule of the Wesleyan Seminar on the Theory and Practice of History for 2015-16.

This is a new seminar series to discuss pre-circulated papers from scholars exploring the theory, philosophy, historiography, and methodology of history, generously construed. Interdisciplinary in intent, we look forward to discussions with humanists, social scientists, anyone willing to read clever papers and come and talk or listen.

Keen students are welcome as well.

All meetings are scheduled for Thursday afternoons. Locations to be announced.

October 22nd, 4:30: Jeffrey Andrew Barash, Université de Picardie: “Collective Memory and Historical Time”

January 28th, 2016, 4:30: Helge Jordheim, University of Oslo (New York University 2015-16): “Maps of Time. Tables, Trees, Grids.”

March 3, 2016, 4:30: Eileen Ka-May Cheng, Sarah Lawrence College: “Plagiarism and the Nationalist Uses of Loyalist History: Alexander Hewatt and David Ramsay”

April 28, 2016, 4:30: Philip Gorski, Yale University: “The Matter of Emergence”

For questions or copies of the papers, contact Gary Shaw (gshaw@wesleyan.edu).

version: 11/15/15